Theatre Project

Note –  8/16/16:  This research was initially completed in 2006 as part of a Film History class taught by Jeff Klenotic at UNH Manchester.  Each student was charged with researching movie theatres of a specific era in a town of their choice.  I chose to research theatres in Manchester, NH from 1933-1948.  It’s very possible that more recent research has proven some of what I had written to be incorrect, or that some of the theatres that were still standing have since been torn down (please leave a comment if this is the case!).  Also, upon reading these pages again, I’d like to apologize for my spelling and grammar.  2007-era Chris apparently needed an editor. 

Initially these pages were published at, but I accidentally let the domain expire.  In an act of internet responsibility, i’ve decided to resurrect them here.  Over the years i’ve continued to receive e-mails and comments about the theatres. It’s been interesting hearing from all of you and I hope the submissions continue.  

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