Crown Theatre

Crown Theatre
97 Hanover Street
Manchester, NH 03101

  • In operation at least as early as 1932. (this is as far back as my research went, it was probably around before then.)
  • No manager/owner listed until 1935 (State Operating Co.)
  • Fenton D. Scribner listed as manager in 1940, still owned by Sate Operating Co.
  • Fenton D. Scribner is no longer listed as manager as of 1941.
  • 1941 – Frank W. LaMarre listed as manager.
  • No manager listed until 1949, Albert Foley listed as manager.
  • Operated by the State Operating Co. at least from 1936 to 1949, probably longer.
  • Generally a second or third run house. Pictures could be as new as 2 months old, or as old as 7 years. IT seemed that they played a lot of westerns.

Crown Theatre

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  1. Alan Reische

    The Crown was a home for Westerns and serials. The Saturday matinee, when parents shunted their kids to the movies so they’d have some peace and quiet, was like a witches sabbath. Throwing popcorn, the occasional fight, shouting back and forth and the inevitable ‘accident’. No adult in her right mind would go there. I loved it.


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