I’m Chris Reinhardt. A web developer currently based in Portland Oregon, by way of New Hampshire. View some of my projects below, follow me on Instagram, or shoot me an email.


Is there a burn ban in Portland, Oregon right now?

We got a fire pit for our backyard, and I wanted a quick way to see if there was a fire ban. Built with a lil' HTML, JS, Cheerio and Netlify functions.

Camera Bag Database

I made this page to help me decide on a camera bag for a chunky camera I had, and thought i'd make it public in case others found it useful! Built with Netlify CMS, Hugo, Tailwind and WordArt (i'm sorry!).

Timberline Sunrise

A website and twitter bot that creates a timelapse of the sunrise and sunset from the Palmer webcam on Mt. Hood in Oregon every day.

Vintage Bike Maps

An attempt to find old cycling maps for all 50 states. Also an excuse to play around with Jekyll and continuous deployment with Netlify.

What Color is Tilikum Crossing Right now?

A website that attempts to display the current color of Tilikum Crossing, a bridge in Portland, Oregon.

Call You Ishmael

A website that forces a robot to call your phone and read you Moby Dick. Offline as of 9/2020.

Night Biking in Concord, NH

A photo project where I went for a bike ride every night and took a photo. An excuse to get in shape and use my camera more.

Manchester NH Movie Theatre History Project

A project for a film class in college where I researched movie theatres in Manchester NH. People still comment on these fairly often, so i'm going to keep them online as long as I can.