Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre
670 Elm Street
Manchester, NH 03101

  • Opened in April 1915 (possibly April 16, but I could not confirm this)
  • Managed until 1938 by Charles J. Hohman (C.J. Hohman)
  • Under the management of Lucien Descoteaux from 1938 to its close on June 13, 1943. The pictures shown on its last day were “It Ain’t Hay” and “Keep Em’ Slugging”
  • Final advertisement in the Manchester Union read “This theatre will close June 13 for the duration. We suggest you try Manchester’s newest theatre, the Rex!”

Globe Theatre Ad Showing All Three Descoteaux TheatresAd Saying Globe Has ClosedGlobe Theatre 2

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  1. Jon Hopwood

    Oh, wow. Just saw the May 7, 1943 ad for the Rex, that they were showing the film noir masterpiece “The Glass Key.” (I just read the Dashiel Hammett novel.) My father said that he and my Uncle Chester (he was married to my father’s older distant cousin who was our “Aunt” Ruth and lived a block over from us all our lives) went to see “The Glass Key” the day before Chester went off into the Army in WWII. Uncle Chester was at the Battle of the Bulge, where he was wounded grievously. (My then-teenaged future father went into the Navy the next year, in ’44.) Ironically, the very same brother I saw “The Five Many Army With” at the Rex — well, we spent the last night before *he* went off to the Air Force at The Rex (I think the house was called “The Movies” then) watching that Clint Eastwood materpiece “Any Which Way But Loose.” (Chester incidentally was the grandfather of John Lynch’s press secretary, who just got appointed to the Fire Board as a commissioner. I just read on the Manchester Fire Dept. page about the fire that gutted the Strand.)


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