Palace Theatre

Palace Theatre
80 Hanover Street
Manchester, NH 03101

  • Open as early as 1932 till at least 1949.
  • Managed/owned by Manchester Amusement Co untill 1935 where it was listed as being run by the State Operating Co.
  • 1941 – Frances W. Lamarre listed as manager
  • 1942 – Albert W. Foley listed as manager.
  • No manager listed as of 1944
  • Would at times play recently released pictures, other times they might be 6 months old or so.

Palace Theatre Outside Palace Interior

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  1. Jon Hopwood

    The Palace was first opened as a vaudeville house on the Keith circuit in 1915. There’s a plaque in there that testifies to the fact. Keith is the “K” in R.K.O. pictures by the way. (Joe Kennedy the father put together R.K.O. from R.C.A.’s sound film patents (the “R” for Radio, as in Radio Corp. of America); his own (no initial); and the theater chain of the Keith-Orpheum circuit. Both the Palace and the Strand had been real theaters, the Strand starting its life as the Opera House.


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